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  • If anyone is dealing with years of lower back pain issues but not ready to consider surgery Dr. Doug Beacham is the answer. I have visited Dr. Beacham for three years for lower epidural steroid injections and couldn’t be happier with the results. The Spine Clinic has the equipment to allow prec...

    ~ Kenny Jackson ~

  • “Pain free! You’ve heard the expression: life altering. Well this is my experience. I injured my neck in a high-risk activity; I turned over in bed. I awoke with what I thought was a crick in my neck. The pain increased in area and intensity. In a few weeks, I had neck and shoulder pain that...

    ~ Bill Pittman ~

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    “I had experienced lower back pain for a few years and had tried PT, chiropractic sessions, injections and even different shoes! Nothing helped. The past couple of years the pain had extended down my right leg and had worsened to the point that I was actually falling. Dr. Braly and his staff we...


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    3 Level ACDF

    "I am fantastic, now that I have had my surgery with Dr. Brett Braly! I wish I had not waited so long."

    Larry Winnard was inducted into the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Hall of Fame in 2009, for his lifetime contribution to the sport of wrestling. He had been an Ath...

    ~ Larry Winnard ~

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    XLIF L4-L5

    “I am a HUGE believer in Dr. Braly! My surgery was LIFE CHANGING! I had ZERO pain after I had my Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion. (XLIF) It's a minimally invasive procedure that treated my back for a degenerative disc disease. Dr. Braly went in on my side, to avoid the major ...

    ~ Jeff Oakley ~

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    2 Level XLIF

    "Dr. Braly was a godsend. My surgery was life changing! I never dreamt that I could feel so good!"

    My Story: “Before I had my surgery I was in complete pain. I couldn't walk or sleep well. I had to, "motor plan," my every move. I had to even ask myself, "How am I goin...

    ~ Rebecca Melsek ~

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    XLIF (Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion)

    “My life is incredible now! Every day, for 30 years, I have lived with constant pain. I always knew that I had a high tolerance level for pain. I have seen many doctors and no one could really help me. I thought the pain would never end. I finally...


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    Two Level ACDF Surgery

    “Life was awful before I met Dr. Braly. I was about to give up hope, because nothing would help. I couldn’t do anything. Just getting out of bed was excruciating! I had constant pain with no relief, from my shoulders, elbow to my neck. I couldn’t hold anything...


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    “I’ve always been very active. I’m retired now, but I work very hard and I lift heavy on my ranch. I run three to four miles a week, bike 15 to 20 miles and golf a couple of times a week. I had scoliosis and had a degenerative disc. I started having a lot of pain and dis...

    ~ LARRY OGLE ~

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    XLIF (Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion)

    “I was 75 Years old when I had my (XLIF) Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion. I could not ride in a car or get up out of a chair or bed without extreme pain.

    Before the surgery I had pain in my hip and down my leg. I used to go to a chiropracto...


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