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    XLIF (Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion)

    “My life is incredible now! Every day, for 30 years, I have lived with constant pain. I always knew that I had a high tolerance level for pain. I have seen many doctors and no one could really help me. I thought the pain would never end. I finally couldn’t take the pain any longer and I was tired of all the pain pills. I had tried pills, therapy, injections and even stretching. I was always afraid of doctors until I met Dr. Braly. Life is now great! I work all the time. I painted the patio, the storm cellar and even tiled my patio. There are so many things that I do now, that I couldn’t even dream of doing before. I have been free from pain pills for almost a year now! My Experience with Dr. Braly and his staff was great. Dr. Braly is the first doctor that I’ve ever talked to that didn’t scare me to death. He has a very calming voice. He is very positive and confident in what he can do for his patients. I wish I would have seen Dr. Braly sooner. He is a great doctor. He communicates well and returns emails quickly. I tell everyone to not waste any more time… Go see Dr. Braly! He is honest and will tell you the truth.”

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