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    Two Level ACDF Surgery

    “Life was awful before I met Dr. Braly. I was about to give up hope, because nothing would help. I couldn’t do anything. Just getting out of bed was excruciating! I had constant pain with no relief, from my shoulders, elbow to my neck. I couldn’t hold anything. I had been to many doctors and had tried injections. That would work for 2 to 3 days and then it would just progress to get worse. I had delayed taking care of my pain, because I had heard of horror stories from friends who had been to other doctors. I wish I would have met Dr. Braly sooner and had my surgery; because I felt marvelous from the very first day after my surgery. I could immediately grip things and could make my bed and clean my house. I only had to take pain medication for two days. I recuperated very quickly. I love Dr. Braly and I love how he prayed for me before my surgery. He was so confident and patient. He made me feel good about the surgery. His entire staff was great and very helpful. I recommend all my friends and family to see Dr. Braly. He has the best bedside manner and knows his stuff. He is the most caring doctor that I have ever met in all my years!”

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The Spine Clinic
The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City
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