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  • Spine Surgery Does not Have to be Invasive

    Spine Surgery Does not Have to be Invasive

    When a patient hears they may need spine surgery, they often have many questions about the risks. Doctors at the Spine Clinic in Oklahoma City are making strides in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) which stands out for their reduced risk when compared with traditional approaches. 

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  • Erase Spinal Pain With Spinal Fusion Surgery

    Erase Spinal Pain With Spinal Fusion Surgery

    Nobody deserves to suffer from spinal pain. With the right diagnosis, Dr. Braly, founder of The Spine Clinic, can address lifelong problems and provide the necessary relief. Spinal fusion, also known as arthrodesis, is a surgery completed in order to stabilize the spine. Often times, spinal fusion surgery is the last resort for spine relief. Even when surgery is necessary, patients are in safe hands at The Spine Clinic.

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  • Ease Spinal Cord & Nerve Pressure

    Ease Spinal Cord & Nerve Pressure

    Pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots is painful for just about anybody. Spinal cord and nerve decompression surgeries refer to a variety of procedures that are guided to relieve pressure on the spinal cords and nerve roots. The pressure, in turn, creates an array of symptoms that are recognizable among many clients. Dr. Braly, the founder of the Spine Clinic, specializes in spinal medicine and is familiar with the symptoms that could lead to spinal decompression.

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