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  • Thoracic Spine Decompression Thoracic Spine Decompression

    Thoracic spine decompression is a procedure to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves in the middle portion of the back. Spine decompression surgery is indicated in treating spinal stenosis.

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  • Thoracic Spine Fusion Thoracic Spine Fusion

    Thoracic spine fusion is a surgical procedure in which two or more bones (vertebrae) of the thoracic spine are joined together to eliminate the movement between them.

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  • Thoracic Vertebroplasty Thoracic Vertebroplasty

    Osteoporosis is a “silent” disease characterized by weakening of bones, making them more susceptible to fractures, typically in the hip and spine. Elderly people and especially post-menopausal women are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis.

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  • Thoracic Discectomy Thoracic Discectomy

    The human spine provides support to the body allowing you to stand upright, bend, and twist. The spine can be broadly divided into cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

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