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    “I thank God every morning when I wake up for Dr. Braly! My life was miserable and I felt worthless because I couldn’t do anything. I had a double curvature spine since my childhood. My mother had to hand make my dresses, because on one side I was two inches shorter. At one point, I had to crawl around the floor just to get around. I just put up with pain for too long. After coming to Dr. Braly… I don’t hurt anymore! I can feel my sheets again! I can now walk out to our field and watch the boys play again. I can now go to the rodeo and sit for two nights in a row. I don’t even need pain pills. I can take my grandkids to the mall to shop. Life is wonderful! The staff in the office and at Community Hospital were also wonderful. The therapy guys were perfect. They let me go at my own speed. I could not have asked for better care. They were all so caring and helpful. I was very pleased. I had 100% success! It was totally worth it!”

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The Spine Clinic
The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City
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