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    “My life was miserable before I met Dr. Braly. My right side was numb from head to toe. I had had three strokes and couldn’t walk very well. I fell a lot, because my legs would collapse. After surgery, last February, I woke up and the numbness was gone! I had feeling in my hand right away. I now have full range of movement in my neck and very little arthritis. My knees don’t buckle anymore. My life is so much better now! The staff was wonderful too! Dr. Braly is easy to talk to and let me ask all kinds of questions. I also appreciated that Dr. Braly prayed for me, right before my surgery. I definitely recommend him for any back problems!”

The Spine Clinic
The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City
9800 Broadway Ext
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Dr. Braly: Suite 203
Dr. Beacham: Suite 201