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    “I got into Dr. Braly the same day that I called. I didn’t have to wait at all. He was very concerned, very pleasant and easy to talk to. He let me ask lots of questions. He made sure my prescriptions were taken care of, so I wouldn’t have to worry. The staff was wonderful! Before I met Dr. Braly, I was miserable with pain! I had problem walking and had to use a wheelchair. I had a problem with my arms and my hands and fingers were numb. I couldn’t reach high. After surgery, I could walk again… Without my walker! I could walk 500 feet the first day after my surgery! I didn’t have to take any pain meds after I left the hospital. I can now work around the house. Life is good! If you’re thinking about having laminoplasty surgery, I’d say, ‘Go for it! Go for Braly!’”

The Spine Clinic
The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City
9800 Broadway Ext
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Dr. Braly: Suite 203
Dr. Beacham: Suite 201