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    "Dr. Braly was a godsend. My surgery was life changing! I never dreamt that I could feel so good!"

    My Story: “Before I had my surgery I was in complete pain. I couldn't walk or sleep well. I had to, "motor plan," my every move. I had to even ask myself, "How am I going to put on my undergarments?!" I had to cinch my buttocks, just to even walk. I was very grumpy! I had been a nurse for 25 years. I was a labor and delivery nurse, for eight and a half of those years. I lifted patients by myself, after they had had an epidural. I had also been in a rollover car wreck. I lived with this pain for 10 years. The pain touched all areas of my life. Finally, I couldn't handle the pain any longer. I kept putting the surgery off, because I had heard horrible stories. However, my family doctor referred me to Dr. Braly, because he had heard great patient stories about him. I'm happy to say, that after my surgery, I was a changed woman! I could walk without any pain! I can now, climb a ladder, walk my dog, go to the mall and be active with kids again. I'm completely active now! I also want to add that I was very impressed with Dr. Braly and his amazing bedside manner. His humble prayer, over me, gave me total peace. I thoroughly enjoyed the hospital staff as well as his office staff. I liked the alternating visits with his PA, Shai. I was very impressed with my overall experience.”

    “If anyone is considering the same procedure, I'd say, "Go for it! I would highly recommend Dr. Braly!”

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