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The Latest In Spinal Medicine
The Latest In Spinal Medicine

The human spine plays a vital role in stability, smooth movement, and protection of the delicate spinal cord. The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City is a state of the art spinal medicine practice founded by Dr. Brett Braly. Dr. Braly works to offer new, cutting edge techniques in spinal medicine through minimally invasive procedures to save patients from the trauma of surgery. According to Dr. Brett Braly, “Only 5%-10% of patients that visit the Spine Clinic require surgery. The rest see their injury treated by other options.”

The Spine Clinic does offer various surgery options for patients in need of relief. Spinal cord and nerve decompression surgeries alleviate pressure on the spinal cords and nerve roots. Patients can finally experience comfort from chronic pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and unsteadiness. Revision spine surgery corrects symptoms that linger after previous surgery. Lastly, spinal fusion surgery, also called arthrodesis, stabilizes the spine. 

Dr. Braly is an advocate for the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery. There is a multitude of minimally invasive spine surgeries to treat many different spinal conditions, such as spinal fusion, deformity correction, and herniated disc repair. “Continuing to learn is a big part of it for me,” said Dr. Braly. “I’m always striving to keep up with what’s been proven to be safe and better than what we’re doing now. I’m not a proponent of this is how we’ve always done it. I think that’s how you get what you’ve always had. If you want old outcomes, you have old surgeries.” 

The Spine Clinic believes putting patients first is the key to providing the best quality healthcare available in Oklahoma. Patients have reported immediate relief after years of suffering. With the proper diagnosis, lifelong pain diminishes. 

For Oklahomans who need relief from chronic pain, schedule an appointment with our Physicians at To keep up with growth in orthopedic medicine, follow The Spine Clinic on Facebook.

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