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Spine Surgery Does not Have to be Invasive
Spine Surgery Does not Have to be Invasive

When a patient hears they may need spine surgery, they often have many questions about the risks. Doctors at the Spine Clinic in Oklahoma City are making strides in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) which stands out for their reduced risk when compared with traditional approaches. 

Dr. Brett Braly, the physician at the Spine Clinic, is an advocate for the future of spinal medicine. Since he started his career, he has focused on doing what is best for patients on a case by case basis. Often, this suggests a minimally invasive approach. “We’ve spent the last several years really looking into different types of minimally invasive surgery,” Dr. Braly says. “They’re allowing us to do things now that ten years ago wouldn’t be thought of.” His dedication to advancing the field has earned him recognition as one of the “20 Under 40 fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors.”

While Dr. Braly does believe that more traditional approaches to spinal surgery might be called for with the right diagnosis, his minimally invasive techniques reduce the risks of spine surgery for many patients. The Spine Clinic says, “The main purpose of MISS is to reduce the chances of complications from surgery. Studies of minimally invasive techniques show that patients suffer less blood loss, less post-op pain, and recover quicker, spending fewer days in the hospital.”

For the Spine Clinic’s patient, these minimally invasive techniques offer relief from serious long term pain. Some of Dr. Braly’s patients had suffered from pain from spine injuries for decades before finding help through MISS. 

The Spine Clinic is also home to Dr. Doug Beacham, a pain management physician. Dr. Beacham works with patients who may not be candidates for surgery to develop long-term therapies to manage their pain. For many patients suffering from chronic pain, day to day life can be difficult. The ultimate goal of our Physicians are getting patients active again while exposing patients to as little risk as necessary. 

Patients come to the Spine Clinic for treatment of symptoms from ailments such as bulging disc, spinal cord injury, and nerve pressure. When patients approach the physicians at the Spine Clinic, it’s often as a last resort. That’s why the Spine Clinic makes it a priority to engage with ongoing research so that they can offer the latest treatments and procedures in spinal medicine. The physicians at the Spine Clinic want to give their patients the best care possible, “but if there is any way that we can save those patients from the trauma of surgery, or at least minimize that to get people out of the hospital faster, that’s what I am hunting,” says Dr. Braly.

For Oklahomans seeking to be one step closer to living pain-free, learn more, and schedule an appointment with our Physicians at To keep up with advancements in orthopedic medicine, follow The Spine Clinic on Facebook.

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