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Patients Find Relief Through Revision Spine Surgery
Patients Find Relief Through Revision Spine Surgery

For patients who have already undergone spinal surgery, it can be difficult to hear that they need another surgery. However, even with the best surgeons and care, it may be necessary to perform a revision spine surgery to correct complications from one surgery or to tackle new spine problems unrelated to the previous procedure. The Spine Clinic in Oklahoma City offers top-of-the-line care to patients in need of revision spine surgery, in keeping with their mission to get patients back to an active, pain-free life.

There are many reasons why patients might need to receive revision spine surgery. At the Spine Clinic, however, their main goal is to prevent the need for patients to endure the trauma of surgery again if at all possible. Their pain management expert, Dr. Doug Beacham, works with patients daily to develop treatment plans that may help patients avoid surgery altogether. If surgery is indicated by a patient’s diagnosis, they are in good hands with Dr. Brett Braly, a top spine surgeon who has been nationally recognized for his contributions to the field of spine health.

The Spine Clinic says that spine surgery is indicated in patients who experience symptoms related to, “the formation of scar tissue around the incision, an unsuccessful surgery, surgery performed at the wrong site, surgery in a non-eligible candidate, an improper diagnosis, [and] post-surgical complications.” 

Dr. Braly understands that surgery is a scary prospect, especially in patients who have already undergone one or more surgeries. That’s why, for patients where it is called for, he tries to use a minimally invasive approach. Minimally invasive revision spine surgery is far less traumatic than traditional “open” surgery, leading to fewer complications, better long term outcomes, and a faster recovery for patients. 

According to the Spine Clinic, “the goal of any revision surgery is to reduce pain so you can get back to normal activities.” Their track-record shows success in all kinds of spine surgery. Many patients of Drs. Beacham and Braly report a total reduction of pain after surgery, allowing them to get back to work or back to their favorite pastimes. Both doctors are fellowship-trained and have years of helping patients recover from spinal injuries and ailments. The staff at the Spine Clinic put the patient first because they know spine surgery—and even non-surgical treatments—can be daunting.

Common ailments that result in a need for a revision spine surgery are: the re-herniation of a disc, an infection, pseudoarthrosis, a hardware failure, a non-surgery related spinal degeneration, flat back syndrome, instability, and degeneration of the adjacent segment. When back surgery does not yield the expected outcome for the patient, the doctors at the Spine Clinic put their expertise to work correcting back problems and getting patients back on their feet. 

The ultimate goal of the Spine Clinic is to avoid surgery altogether.

“I believe in my heart that spine surgery for the right diagnosis and done appropriately does work,” says Dr. Braly. “But if there is any way that we can save those patients from the trauma of surgery, or at least minimize that to get people out of the hospital faster, that’s what I am hunting.”

However, when that isn’t possible in cases where patients need a revision surgery, their nationally recognized team puts the patient’s needs first and does everything they can to get them back to an active and pain-free life.

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