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Erase Spinal Pain With Spinal Fusion Surgery
Erase Spinal Pain With Spinal Fusion Surgery

Nobody deserves to suffer from spinal pain. With the right diagnosis, Dr. Braly, founder of The Spine Clinic, can address lifelong problems and provide the necessary relief. Spinal fusion, also known as arthrodesis, is a surgery completed in order to stabilize the spine. Often times, spinal fusion surgery is the last resort for spine relief. Even when surgery is necessary, patients are in safe hands at The Spine Clinic.

There are a variety of different conditions that spinal fusion can treat including degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, fractured vertebrae, and more. The Spine Clinic also offers an assortment of different approaches to spinal fusions, which are shown to provide significant pain relief for patients. 

The Spine Clinic prides itself on providing the latest in minimally invasive options for spine surgery. According to the Spine Clinic, “We want to save you from the trauma of invasive spine surgery if possible, that’s why we have invested so much in learning and mastering the latest techniques for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.” 

There are three different approaches to spinal fusion surgery including anterior, posterior, and lateral. The anterior approach focuses on the front of the spine, involving an incision to be made in the abdomen. The posterior approach enters the spine from the back while the lateral approach enters the spine from either side. Spinal fusion surgery can be performed in a variety of ways that are all shown to be safe and effective. 

The Spine Clinic is dedicated to advancing the field of spinal medicine. As a leading advocate for the practice of minimally disruptive techniques in spine surgery, Dr. Braly works to save patients from the trauma of invasive spine surgery. The spine is a complicated structure that requires professional care to relieve even the slightest condition. At The Spine Clinic, patients are always in the best hands. 
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