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Ease Spinal Cord & Nerve Pressure
Ease Spinal Cord & Nerve Pressure

Pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots is painful for just about anybody. Spinal cord and nerve decompression surgeries refer to a variety of procedures that are guided to relieve pressure on the spinal cords and nerve roots. The pressure, in turn, creates an array of symptoms that are recognizable among many clients. Dr. Braly, the founder of the Spine Clinic, specializes in spinal medicine and is familiar with the symptoms that could lead to spinal decompression.

Chronic pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, unsteadiness, and more are key symptoms that are linked to spinal pressure. The relief of this pressure through minimally invasive spine surgery allows the alleviation of all of these uncomfortable symptoms with the proper diagnosis. The Spine Clinic has invested time crafting the latest techniques for minimally invasive spine surgery, which has been life-changing for their patients. 

Spinal compression is an indicator of spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the cavities in your spine, which creates pressure on your nerves. Another cause of spinal stenosis is the thickening of ligaments and the degeneration of facet joints. Most commonly seen in the lower back and neck, if left untreated, can lead to serious nerve damage and even death. 

Dr. Braly is a proud leading advocate for minimally disruptive techniques in spine surgery and known as the top “20 under 40” best spine surgeons.“I believe in my heart that spine surgery for the right diagnosis and done appropriately does work,” says Dr. Braly. There are many different treatment options for spinal stenosis such as laminectomy, laminotomy, foraminotomy, laminoplasty, discectomy, and posterior fossa decompression. All of these minimally invasive surgery options are offered at the Spine Clinic and are all guided to ensure quicker recovery, less risk of infection, and much more. 

For Oklahomans who are seeking relief from chronic pain due to spinal stenosis, schedule an appointment with our Physicians. at To keep up with growth in orthopedic medicine, follow The Spine Clinic on Facebook.

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