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Barbecue Season and Back Pain: Ergonomic Tips for Grilling and Outdoor Cooking
Barbecue Season and Back Pain: Ergonomic Tips for Grilling and Outdoor Cooking

As summer draws on, the aroma of grilled delicacies fills the air, marking the beginning of aseason filled with outdoor cooking and gatherings. Standing for prolonged periods, bendingover hot grills, and lifting heavy bags of charcoal can turn your barbecue into a backachebonanza. Here are a few ergonomic tweaks to enjoy the sizzle without the ache.


Ergonomic Grilling: The Posture of Perfection

  • Adjust the Grill Height: Ensure your grill is at a comfortable height to avoidstooping or stretching.
  • Smart Lifting: Bend your knees and keep the load close to your body when handlingheavy items.
  • Take Breaks: Regularly step away from the grill to stretch and give your back a rest.

Tools of the Trade: Equip for Ease

  • Long-Handled Utensils: Use tools that allow you to work at a distance, keeping youaway from the heat and reducing the need to bend.
  • Grill Carts: Invest in a cart to store supplies, so everything is within arm's reach.

Grill with Gusto, Not with Pain

By incorporating these ergonomic tips into your barbecue routine, you can prevent backpain and ensure that the only thing on fire is the grill. So go ahead, don your apron, and grillwith gusto, not with pain!

Don’t let back pain prevent you from indulging in your favorite summer activities. Contactus today to schedule a consultation.

AUTHOR: Dr. Brett Braly is a board-certified fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeonspecializing in spinal surgery. Dr. Braly is a leading advocate for minimally invasivetechniques in spine surgery. Dr. Braly is named among the top “20 under 40” best spinesurgeons by the North American Spine Society.

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